Why Is Google Plus Important for Powerful SEO

It's time to round up our social media series. It's been two months, in which we covered a wide array of platforms and best practices for work with them. Of course, social media is such a large topic that it deserves a whole blog dedicated solely on it. At MBC, however, we touch on different aspects of business development. This is why we will now be transitioning to another complex field - SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). So it only makes sense that we do the crossover with perhaps the strongest link between social media and SEO - Google Plus. I won't be surprised if most of you don't use it in your daily marketing activities. It never became as popular as Facebook or Twitter. Nevertheless

How to Make Money with IGTV Right Now

Exciting times! Instagram reached 1 billion users this week and has released a new feature that is going to change the life of online entrep

YouTube Marketing Tips 2018

I listen to you. A few weeks ago I asked you what social media platform you would like to learn more about to better your marketing activities. The response was overwhelmingly in favour of YouTube. And this is great! YouTube has changed digital marketing in the past few years dramatically. Does it work for any type of business? Yes, it does. Does it work for everyone? Not necessarily. So how to decide whether this is the right platform for you and your venture? Keep reading now and you will find all the answers you are looking for plus the best YouTube marketing tips for 2018. Why Use YouTube in Your Marketing Strategy Before we go in detail on YouTube best practices, let me give you 3 good

Get Noticed on LinkedIn in 2018

Am I right to assume that LinkedIn is one of the social networks your are not getting the maximum of? How often do you use it, engage with others and take advantage of its features? If the answer is "not frequently enough", that might be one of the reasons why you aren't seeing much benefits from the platform. But guess what, the problem may start with the very creation of your personal profile. Yes, your personal profile. And although LinkedIn is known to be a B2B social platform, you can still reach individuals that are interested in your products or services using the right approach. Let's get you noticed on LinkedIn in 2018. Building Your Profile Most people see LinkedIn profiles as onli

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