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Animated & Whiteboard Video

Videos continue to be a leading form of content on social media and in your digital marketing communication. Ideally, you will develop a strategy where you use a combination of live videos, shares of videos that other people have published on their profiles / pages and videos you've created either by filming, or by using animation. 


Whiteboard videos have proven to be very engaging and when done right, they provide educational value to your audience. Value content is what makes a user stop scrolling and go check your profile or page, leave a comment, or take any other action that shows their interest in what you do. 


Animated videos can be fun, but can also fulfil a serious purpose, like for example, introduction of a new product or service (explainer videos), presentation of a company (telling your brand story in an intriguing way) or teaching a lesson. 

At MBC, we create both Whiteboard and Animated videos to add to your content arsenal for marketing and promotional purposes. 

The production of such videos takes a lot of time and creativity. Our prices start from just £100. Contact us to get a quote for the video you need.