10 FREE Things that Increase Productivity

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10 FREE Things that Increase Productivity

October 8, 2018

Productivity is essential for your life as a business owner. Some people have it naturally, but for others it isn't always a peace of cake to stay focused and get things done. Busy lives bring plenty of distractions and quite often we get carried away with everyday problems and events. But if you have taken the decision that you will be successful, you will have to deal with all these distractions and not let them take over. There are coaches who offer productivity therapies and training, but really, you don't need to go that far. Actually, improving your performance at work and in life can be done very easily with any or a combination of these 10 completely free things. 




1. Exercise 


Physical exercise balances the hormones in your body and improves the blood circulation, which means more oxygen gets to your brain and helps you concentrate better. 


2. Planning Your Day 


When you have a clear idea exactly what you will be doing the next day and you put your tasks on paper, you are much more likely to complete most or even all of these tasks.


3. Listing the Things Your Shouldn't Do 


To-do lists are very important and effective, but so are NOT-to-do lists. Self-control is a sign of maturity. It can be challenging to achieve it, and writing down the things not do is one of the first steps toward a personal victory.