5 Brands with Astonishing Content Marketing

5 Brands with Astonishing Content Marketing

September 18, 2017

As you know, this month we are focusing on expanding our knowledge and learning new skills. What a better way to learn than observing what the best players in the industry are doing? Today's post features 5 brands in 5 different industries - technology, food&drinks, fashion, finance and tourism&travel - nominated for content marketing awards in 2017. Hope you are ready to take notes. 




IBM - Technology 


IBM have successfully utilised at least 2 of the most relevant content marketing trends for this and even next year. Their campaigns incorporate a significant use of influencers through a number of channels. Remember, influencer endorsements are a true winning formula for gaining more customers because they practically bring new audience just by their face value. However, I can't stress enough, how crucial it is to study your target market first and choose a figure who is in line with both, your consumers and your brand.


Another thing that IBM are doing great is video marketing. Follow them on social media and visit their website to study their approach first hand. 



Zomato - Food&Drinks