5 Great Reasons to Join Blogtober

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5 Great Reasons to Join Blogtober

October 2, 2018

Wow, I almost missed it! But here it is Day 2 from the Blogtober challenge completed!


Ermm... what is Blogtober actually? 


I hear you asking that question. This is a challenge for bloggers to publish a new blog post for every day of October. Bu then again, it isn't just for bloggers! If you have a business or even a social media account you want to grow you should certainly join Blogtober. Here are a handful of reasons why this is such a brilliant idea. 




#1. Get New Followers on Social Media


Guess what, Blogtober isn't just for actual blog articles! You can join by committing to post a new story on any of your social media profiles. Use the hashtag #Blogtober and get many new followers who would be interested in observing your journey through the challenge. You can vlog too! Because this is happening now, your posts will be timely which will increase their reach, leading to more engagement. Followers love consistency, so signing up for the Blogtober challenge is a good sign for anyone looking for regular quality updates.