Content Marketing Strategies than DON'T Work in 2019

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Content Marketing Strategies than DON'T Work in 2019

January 14, 2019

How is your 2019 going so far? Have you created your content plan already? If not, you are running a bit late, but it's probably for the best. If you are reading this post, you are in a better position than others, because you get to find out what content marketing strategies DON'T work in 2019. Excluding these from your plan will save you time and unnecessary wasted efforts. 


But before we crack on, what's actually content marketing? 


A lot of people get confused, thinking that content marketing is just blogging. That's like a fraction of what it really is. Content can be presented in many different formats and delivered through many different channels. For example, videos on IGTV and YouTube, digital and online courses, text posts on Facebook and LinkedIn, images on Instagram and Pinterest, articles on your blog or Medium, white papers, audiobooks, podcasts, emails, newsletters and the list goes on. To achieve your business goals through content marketing, you need to build working strategies for some or most of these content types. And because we live in a fast-paced society, where the digital world and tech are dominating our lives, the knowledge of how things work you gained yesterday, may not be relevant tomorrow. So, let's see what you should cross off your content marketing in 2019. 




1. Creating Content to Build Quantity


Ok, it's true Google likes websites that regularly update their content and frequent blog posts are the easiest way to do this. BUT, what many people miss, is that Google likes fresh content that also brings value. In other words, if you are creating content for the sake of populating your pages with some new information, but that information isn't helpful, entertaining or valuable in some way, you'll probably get penalised rather than rewarded by the search engine. That would mean your content marketing strategy has failed. 


What works in 2019: Find the questions and the problems of your audience. Then provide the answers and solutions through your content. 



2. Sticking to Text Content Only 


Text content will always be important for your SEO, and for some industries and niches, it will be more important than it is for others. However, people have less and less time to read long blog posts, no matter how good they look in the eyes of Google bots. That's just one thing. The way people search for information is also changing. One of the top 5 digital marketing trends for 2019 is audio content. I mean, this isn't really a surprise, considering how popular voice assistant devices have become recently. 



What works in 2019: Repurposing content has never been more relevant! Turn your best blog posts in audio articles or a podcast. Change the way you use keywords and key phrases in titles and content body. Think of what would a person say when they are searching for something, rather than how they would type it. 



3. Sticking to Video Only


Content marketing has been simply dominated by video for the past 3 years. Its popularity and great performance continued growing stopped. Just around the Christmas period I, as well as, some other professionals, noticed that video content on Facebook started underperforming significantly in favour of images. Now, this doesn't really apply to live videos, which continue to rock all social media platforms where they exist as a feature. And also, don't consider videos irrelevant in 2019, because they are very far from that label. But, for what is worth, experiment with more diverse content.