Content Marketing Tips for the Financial Industry

Content Marketing Tips for the Financial Industry

August 7, 2017

Money, money, money... That's what we are talking about today. Or more specifically, the businesses that deal with the all that money. I know it's August and you are probably packing a bag to somewhere, but if you are a banker, insurer, accountant or any other financial professional, spare 5 minutes to read this post and learn how to enhance the content marketing of your business. 




Unlike most industries, which focus on selling a product, visual content (except for charts and graphs) takes a backseat in the marketing strategy of a company, operating in the financial sector. Such organisation or a sole trader provides a service, which is intangible, therefore, they will have to focus on written content with an exceptional quality. Simply said, the words you use and the skill, with which you use them, are crucial to the success of your digital presence.



Sell a Dream


When you write content for the financial industry, you need to make your service sound like the best thing since sliced bread. It's hard to market a financial product and convince your target audience they need it. It is even harder to make them choose you among the fierce competition. Just think about all sorts of insurances, credit cards and loans. Does everyone need these? Not really, but brilliant content marketers have a whole generation (or even two) living on credit as the norm. This is why outsourcing copywriting and blogs to professional financial writers is a winning strategy for this industry. Ideally, you want to hire someone who has the relevant experience, knowledge and skills to do the job. They will know how to sell the dream without misleading your readers, which otherwise, could create a hot mess.