Content Marketing Tips for the Food and Drinks Industry

Content Marketing Tips for the Food and Drinks Industry

August 14, 2017

Happy Monday! How is your summer going? Have you been to holiday already? What was the best food and/or drink you had recently?


As someone who grew up in restaurants (my dad is a chef), I've learned a lot about food and drinks. Sadly, I'm not the best cook, but to compensate for that, I have quite a lot of insights on the industry. Today's post is all about content marketing tips, which will help restaurants, cafes and other food & drink related establishments to promote their businesses more effectively. 




1. Know where to be


Your main platforms for digital content will be your blog and social media. Successful marketing strategies for this industry include a healthy combination of written and visual (images and videos) content. You need to have a blog on your website and update it regularly - at least once a week. Then promote the blog on social media. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are great for this. Save the really great imagery content for Snapchat and Instagram and utilise the most relevant hashtags to get you as many likes and followers as possible. A Pinterest board is also a brilliant idea, especially if you are after higher class customers. 



2. Share Food Recipes


Now that you know where you should distribute the content, it's time to crea