Content Marketing Tips for the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Content Marketing Tips for the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

July 31, 2017

Can you believe it? We are just a sleep away from the month of holidays, fun trips, relaxing getaways and quality family time. Oh, August, where have you been for so long?


If you have already planned your holiday or you are still looking for offers, good luck and have a blast! I can't help you much with this post, but what I'm aiming to do today, is cater for the people who do the dirty work for all of us to enjoy a fantastic time away.


Hola, Tourism and Hospitality businesses! Are you here already? I'm about to give 5 tips on what type of content makes a successful marketing strategy and how to use it to leave a really good impression in your customers.





1. Give your customers a platform to share their experiences 


Turn a small section of your website into a mini TripAdvisor. Let your customers exchange information on various hotels and holiday packages, inclusive of recreation activities. This way you bring value to the consumers with your content and they are more likely to come back even if it is just to look at reviews. After a few times, they will feel tempted enough to make a booking. Furthermore, this is a brilliant strategy to increase your Google ranking. Have you noticed, most times, when you look up a restaurant or a hotel on the search engine, the first couple of sites are actually those filled with customer reviews, usually TripAdvisor and Zomato? This is so because there's a number of people coming to the site to place reviews and ev