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DIY Free Branding Tools and Resources

November 12, 2018

Sometimes a business idea is too good to be put on hold until you have enough capital to hire a branding specialist before launching. The truth is, there are thousands of successful businesses worldwide that were started with just a couple of hundred pounds or even less. While I'd always recommend seeking professional help for the aspects of your business you are not fully confident in, I'd also always encourage creativity and boldness to bring your ideas to reality. You don't need to start big to earn big in the future. Look at Amazon, they started in just one small garage. Of course, there's no real growth without real investment, but do you need to be spending money you don't have right from the onset? Not in all business cases! So, if you are someone who wants to start making money with their hobby or talent but does not have a startup budget, this article is for you. It's not going to answer all of your questions, but will certainly help you with your logo and branding materials creation. Enjoy a 7-minute read, jampacked with DIY Branding tools and resources. 




What is Branding? 


We've answered this question before in an article from last year. But just in short, branding is the unified face of your business shown to the world. It includes a lot more components than just a logo - such as tone of voice, a slogan, colour palettes, staff uniforms, business cards, marketing materials and so on. If you've decided to take up the uneasy task of creating your brand identity yourself, I'd recommend you read this article too, just to be sure, you'll get it right from the first time. 


How to Come up with a Slogan


Slogans are really important for your brand. They need to be short, punchy and certainly affect people's emotions in some way. It usually requires quite a creative individual to come up with a good slogan, but luckily for all entrepreneurs with DIY tendencies, there are also some tools that can help with slogan creation. All of them are 100% free. 


  • Slogan Generator - it works with the subject of your business. You can also choose slogans for different purposes, like advertising campaigns or new product launches.