Finding Your Way Around Social Media

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Finding Your Way Around Social Media

January 29, 2018


Social media has been a significant part of life for most of us in the past few years. Its relevance and importance is only going to increase in the future. Having in mind that almost 2.5 billion people used at least one social media channel in 2017, it is easy to imagine that most of us know how to navigate through various platforms pretty well for personal use. This kind of data also makes social media one of the best marketing and promotion tools providing both wide reach and cost efficiency. But here's the thing - social media for personal use is different from social media for business. If you are just starting a new venture or you are trying to take the maximum of various channels as part of your marketing strategy, I'm going to give you a few pointers into finding your way around social media as a startup or a growing business.


Don't Try to Be Present Everywhere


Ok, maybe a couple of years ago it was important for businesses to be on every possible social media platform in order to receive more popularity. Today, however, it is unwise to spend your energy and time on channels where you wouldn't reach your ideal customer. Conversions are far more important than likes. When you are starting a new business you already know that you must do extensive research to understand your market and your consumer. Find out what social media channels your target audience uses the most and concentrate your efforts there. Once you have done that, you are at least two times more likely to increase your sales because you will be reaching the people who care about your products and services. Want to know what is the most popular and useful social media platform for your business and target audience? Subscribe to MBC's blog and you'll get a free cheat sheet straight into your email. 




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