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Goal Setting for Success

January 6, 2020

Happy New Year! It seems like the right time to set goals and plan for your future. Not only because it is a new year, but also a whole new decade! How hard can it be? Just pinpoint those few things you really want and make them your resolutions! 


But that's not really how it works. 


You see, every year the larger majority of the world’s population sets some goals and only a tiny fraction of them get to achieve those goals in the period of 12 months. Why is that? 


There's no plan for action. No visualisation. No strong mindset. 


So, it may not be 1st of January today, but it's still early on in the year and the lesson you will learn from this post will last you a lifetime. Let's crack on with some questions, which should pave the way for goal setting for success. 




1. Is That What You Really Want? 


Most of the time people give up on their goals because they can't maintain a strong mindset. And the reason is usually because that goal they set was not their actual priority at the time. 


You need to be very careful when you pick your goals. Some of them will be hard to achieve, but if you truly desire the outcome, you will do more than you ever imagined you could to get there. 


Sometimes we think we want something, but in reality, we place more importance on other things or areas of our lives. Then, they become our excuses for giving up and not accomplishing the goals we set. 


Whether you set business goals or goals in any other area of your life you must be absolutely sure that’s exactly what you want at this point in time. You must be sure you are ready to put in all the work, energy, time and efforts into it, until that goal becomes an accomplishment. Remember, you get to change the approach, but not goal. 


2. How Committed Are You?


How many times have you told yourself that this is the year you are going to lose the extra weight, start going to bed earlier, leave that dreadful job, make a million in revenue from your business? Yeah. More than once I bet.