How Celebrities Market Their Brand

How Celebrities Market Their Brand

July 24, 2017

Busy business people reading celebrity news is not something you see very often. It's considered a  leisure time activity with little to no educational value. Today I'm here to debunk that myth. The name and lifestyle of a celebrity represents their brand. They put a lot of efforts to keep themselves in the eye of the media and fans, having personal marketing teams who go over hundreds of strategies to bring everyone's attention to that particular star.  They do all of that to become and stay popular. It is what makes them money. Therefore, a savvy business owner can learn a lot about promoting and advertising their brand from celebrity marketing. Let me save you some research time and give you 4 ways celebrities market themselves and how these can be applied to any business. 




Creating Hype on Social Media


The most effective way of keeping in touch with fans (customers) is through social media, because it is easily accessible, convenient and personal. Followers love tapping into the lives of their favourite celebrities, whether it is to get an inspiration or just juicy gossip. In the same way, your ideal customer would love to see more personal content about your brand - how a normal day at your office/workstation goes, what made you start the business you are in, how do you feel about events happening in the world. 


Social media has another power, which celebrities have mastered - hype creation. It all started with SnapChat, who were the first to introduce 24-hour posts available to a specific audience. This skyrocketed the feeling of exclusivity for fans and it wasn't long before businesses recognised this as a brilliant marketing strategy and SnapChat ended up expanding the scope of their business services. It was only logical that other social media giants would try everything to not miss out on such a big opportunity and soon after Twitter introduced Periscope and Twitter Live, Facebook came up with Instagram, Messenger and even WhatsApp stories, all following the same concept. Sn