How to Add Value to Your Products and Services

How to Add Value to Your Products and Services

April 2, 2018


Happy Easter! Hopefully you had a great time with family and friends during the long weekend. Welcome to the second quarter of the year! It's time to make it better than the first one in every possible way. I assume by now you have set your new goals for the next three months and if you haven't, you should focus on it ASAP. In April we will discuss important business aspects that have a direct impact on growth. I feel high value is an essential offering that every entrepreneur should how to increase with time. That's what today's post is about. 


1. Find out what your ideal client finds valuable. 


To be able to add value to your products and services you need to know your ideal customer very well. Once again, research plays a huge role into your business development. Be in constant conversation with your target audience, ask them about the struggles they face and determine how your offering can solve the problems. Find out what value means to the ideal client you want for your business. Is it:

  • Time

  • Quality of product/service

  • Knowledge

  • Incentives

  • Quantity

  • Savings

  • Presentation