How to Beat Consumer Depression in February

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How to Beat Consumer Depression in February

February 5, 2018


February may be the month of love for many, but in marketing and retail it's one of the most dreadful periods of year. I remember very clearly my professor in university saying that in most industries February is a dead sales month because people are miserable, the weather is cold and everyone has spent way too much over Christmas and New Years. So I thought, today, we'll look at the type of content that will help you beat consumer depression and get more loyal customers for your brand. 


Inspire and Lift Up


Apart from the fact that inspirational posts make up a good portion of successful content marketing in 2018, they are also a perfect way to encourage your audience to feel better and spend with you. Promote self-care and how important is to love yourself so others can love you too. Make people understand that investing in themselves will lift their spirit up and add more value to their personality. If you are a clothing brand, for example, promote a healthy body image, which doesn't mean skinny, nor fat. Now is the time to collaborate with a health and fitness business and take advantage of crossposting on Facebook and Instagram to inspire your consumers and motivate them to make the changes they need to feel good about themselves. 





The best tactic for any business to register more sales is to relate to their audience. First you will have to know them really well. Remember the importance of extensive research? Once you are aware of the general mood of your crowd, their likes and dislikes, struggles and goals, create content that relates to these bits. Let's take Valentine's into account. Millennial consumers who are not married or just got married will be excited to celebrate with their other half. If that's who you are targeting boost up your romantic, cheesy and heartfelt posts. Of course, there will be many in this group who are single or just broke up with their partner, some may even be going through a divorce. Balance your content with posts about self-love and fun images, gifs and videos that would make these individuals feel they are not alone and the situation they are going through is not unique to them.

And here come your slightly mature married couples who have been together for over 5 years, probably too busy with kids to remember Valentine's gifts. The best content strategy for a target audience like this is entertaining and personal posts. Share similar experiences about yourself (if your brand allows it), people you know or just a couple you "met" the other day.