How to Build Lasting Relationships with Your Clients

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How to Build Lasting Relationships with Your Clients

February 12, 2018


There's nothing more important in business than building strong and lasting relationships with your clients. Even high volume of sales won't keep you afloat if the number of your returning customers is low. Why? Because people talk and if they are happy with your services or products they will spread the word. If they are not, they will do the same. So nurturing your relationships in business is just as important as in personal life and it's not much different. Here are 5 ways you can do that.


Understand Your Consumer


First of all, learn all you can about your consumer. Not in a creepy way, of course. Just do your research on your target market. The most accurate results about the likes and dislikes of your ideal clients you will get directly from them. So once you have determined your audience, find out where and how you could reach the majority of them and ask them to fill in a survey for you. This could and should also be done with your existing customers. The main answers you are looking for are:  

  • What do they value more - quality of the product/service or the price? (Often you will get the response of "both", so you will need to find ways to provide optimal quality at optimal price)

  • What is more likely to bring them back to you - brilliant customer service or frequent promotions?

  • What is more important to them - brand values or brand association? (Do they care more about what you stand for or the celebrities and public figures who wear/use your products/services?)

When you have these answers you will know how to build your campaigns. And that leads us to #2.  



Be an Excellent Communicator


If you want to build lasting relationships with your clients you will have to practise excellent communication at all times. 

  • Before you convert - Make sure you have great content that resonates with and relates to your target audience. Inspire, motivate, educate, engage.