How to Market a Product Online

How to Market a Product Online

July 17, 2017

Hello again! After we talked about using content marketing to sell B2B services, this week I am focusing on product selling business owners and giving them some tips how to use visual and written content to increase their sales. It does look and sound easy because a product is something tangible that can be seen, but inexperienced marketers often fall in a trap trying to use unsuccessful or less successful strategies of selling a product online. I have prepared 6 ways, in which you can achieve awesome results by simply using your content appropriately on the Internet. 



1. Celebrity Endorsement


If you are a start up or a micro business you are probably thinking "wait a minute, how would I even get a celebrity to advertise my product?". Hold on, depending on the product you are selling, it is not actually necessary to attract a world famous celebrity. All you need to do is contact an influencer on your target market. For example, if you are selling clothes or accessories, email a fashion blogger or a vlogger who has a large follower base and offer them some free samples which they show in their blog/vlog and on their social media. This can be also any public figure, who your targeted customers see as an authority. And just by the way, it is not actually that hard to get in touch with the PR team of really famous people because they too benefit from celebrity endorsement. That, however is a talk for another day.


So what's all that got to do with content? A lot. After your endorser posts your products on social media, you can repost from your account, which immediately adds value to your so-far published content. Furthermore, you can then write a blog about the endorsement and if your product was featured in a popular blog/vlog add a link to it in your post. It's a huge boost for your SEO and it will increase the traffic on your website.



2. Proof of Results