How to Pick the Right Colour for Your Logo

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How to Pick the Right Colour for Your Logo

October 16, 2017

Now that you've picked the perfect name for your business, it is time to create a killer logo. This is a true creative process with a lot of science behind. Most people believe that deciding on the design is the most difficult part of coming up with a powerful logo, but the truth is the first thing you should consider, and you should consider it well, is what colour to go with. Colours have the astonishing ability to evoke various emotions and feelings in people, without them even realising it. This is why colour psychology has a huge place in marketing and business as a whole. 





Study the Colours and Emotions Associated with Them


It is a commonly used strategy among marketers to select particular colours in order to pass certain brand messages on. During my studies for a degree in Fashion Marketing, I spent 3 weeks, only learning about the meaning of colours in the consumer psychology and different cultures. So let me share with you some of the knowledge I gained.


Black - Usually, it is associated with darkness, mystery and luxury. In combination with white, it often represents traditionalism and order. 


White - It is connected to cleanliness, purity and perfection. 


Blue - Seeing this colour (especially in lighter tones) makes us feel safe and secure. It is very calming and envokes a feeling of trust. You now know why so many global banks and financial institutions have chosen blue as their primary branding colour.


Red - It relates to domination, energy and passion. Being the colour of blood, it often represents life and love.


Yellow - This is the colour of sun, so it is, in most cases, connected to positive feelings like cheerfulness and optimism. It is also the colour of mind and intellect, but it could be seen as a representation of indecisiveness or impatience.


Orange - Is your brand social? Go orange. It promotes emotional healing and strength in times of hardship or psychological trauma.


Green - It is the colour of nature and growth. It often reminds of balance and regeneration or restoration, but can be also associated with over-competitiveness, immaturity and mercantilism.


Pink - The most common association with pink is romance or femininity (bear in mind, cultural specifications also play a big role in colour meanings and we will look at that later in this post). While light or pastel pink can be seen as a sign of silliness or lack of experience, more vibrant tones like magenta, represent spiritual balance and stability.


Purple - Since the dawn of times, purple has represented royalty and places a clear importance on the individual. High-end, exclusive brands