Website Design and Technology Trends in 2020 and Years After

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Website Design and Technology Trends in 2020 and Years After

September 10, 2019

As a business, entering the 2020s you must have a website. But not just any website. A website that grabs the attention, works well to retain it, and sells. And as in any other industry, web design also establishes and follows its own trends. 


Being a digital marketing and business consultant, it's my duty to introduce you to the web design and technology trends in 2020. But that's not all. What you will read in this article is not just any short-lived, come-and-go trends. It's likely that we will keep seeing them developing all through the first part of the coming decade. 





1. Simplicity


The web is so full of information and content that our minds as consumers are overloaded. We are all in search of simplicity. The easier we find information and solutions to our problems, the more we want it to be simplified even further.


Whether you are building a new website this year or redesigning your existing one, go for minimalistic design and composition of elements. Add a lot of white space. Send a clear message through your copy.


A good call would be to use hidden navigation on desktop design too. This usually looks like three small lines at the top right or left corner of your website, just like it often appears on mobile versions. 


2. Animation


Motion is important if you want your website to be trending in 2020. Use video as a background or animate various features and components on your home page in a sleek and non-tacky way. Remember, we are still going for simplicity! 


That said, you can experiment with cartoons or drawings, provided you still make it look elegant, yet attractive. Such design would be best suited for creative brands, education organisations and individuals, as well as those targeting the younger generation. 



3. Adaptability