What NOT to do on Social Media in 2019

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What NOT to do on Social Media in 2019

January 28, 2019

How well do you think you know social media when it comes to your business? Are you using the right platform, targeting the right audience and doing the right things in general? Let's check that very quickly. Scroll down the post and let me know which of these mistakes you've recently made or continue making. At the end of the day, you should know not only the best marketing practices, but also what NOT to do on social media this year. 



Use all Social Media Platforms to Target More People 


This is a serious mistake, which will slow down your business and hurt it. You will spend a lot of time trying to produce content and engage in so many social media platforms, that you won't have time to actually create what you are selling, serve your customers or think about development. That said, another huge mistake would be to choose just one social media channel and only be active on it. Platforms come and go. Several years ago people were crazy about Vine. Some marketers leveraged it amazingly well and then what happened? It shut down. Snapchat was gaining tremendous popularity, especially with the young generation. It took one new update and a tweet from Kylie Jenner to lose all that momentum and potential. Now it's just an average social media platform where teens take selfies with funny filters and talk to each other. Not so great for business any more. In August this year, Google+ will be put to eternal sleep as well. So you see what I mean. You can never put all of your eggs in one basket. But make sure the baskets you choose fit your purpose. 


What should you do instead: Have a clear understanding of who your ideal client is and which social media platform they prefer. Sometimes, it's 2 or 3, or you have more than one buying persona that prefers different social networks. Identify these channels and concentrate your efforts there. The recommendation is to maintain active presence on 3 to 4 social media platforms. 




Delete or Ignore Negative Reviews and Comments


A lot of businesses make this mistake and it's just not working in their favour. No matter what social media or even another digital platform you use, you don't ever want to delete or ignore a bad review or a negative comment. Why? It just projects you as guilty in the eyes of other potential customers. The majority of consumers do check reviews before they buy something online. It's important to defend yourself