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What is Branding

January 22, 2018



Building a strong brand is part of a successful business. Many people, however, don't really know what branding is. The most common misconception I come across describes branding as a logo design, business cards and some promotional flyers. In reality, this is just a fraction of the full branding picture. I would split branding into 3 categories:


  • The brand

  • Brand Identity

  • Alignment of branding components


Let's break these further down.


The Brand


Your brand is a complex structure of the unique voice and personality of your business. When you create the brand you will have to think of:


  • Values and Mission of your business/brand

  • A Name that represents the values and mission of the brand

  • A Tagline that sends the right brand message 

  • A Tone of Voice that suits the brand personality and is aligned with the target audience


In October last year we ran #BrandingSeries, a set of articles where you can find many useful tips to help you in the branding process, especially how to pick the right name for your brand.



Brand Identity


Brand Identity is what people usually mistake for branding as a whole. But in many cases, they can't name half of the components that form the full brand identity. Here are the basics:


  • Logo Design

  • Colour Palette

  • Website

  • Station