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What's New on Facebook

February 4, 2019

It's officially the month of love! My way of showing you love in February will be by sharing the latest news and important updates of the major social media platforms. Why this is important? So you can keep doing the right things and avoid mistakes that can slow down your business development. It's only fair to begin the What's New series with the social media giant - Facebook. 




The Create Button


Whenever Facebook rolls out a new feature or an algorithm update, they don't do it for all accounts at once. They always like having test groups who receive the newest tools and changes first. So, the button Create has been available for some users for 1-2 months and for others, it may have appeared yesterday. You will find that button on the desktop version of Facebook on the top blue ribbon, right after Home. The reason why Facebook introduced it is to make navigation to important business tools easier. Once you click on Create, you are presented with several options - Page, Ad, Group, Event, Marketplace Listing, Fundraiser. You can pick the item you want to create pretty straightforward and just customise it to your needs. 


The Groups Icon


Have you noticed that Facebook has been playing a lot with the lower bar on the mobile app recently? First we saw the addition of the Watchlist, which by the way, is a great tool for vloggers and brands with a lot of video content. A bit like IGTV, but not quite. Then, there was the introduction of the Profile shortcut. I, personally, am not so sure why we needed that button, but hey, we have it! And now, just a couple of days ago, there was a new addition to the bar - the Groups icon. That, I find extremely useful! It instantly gives me access to all the groups I'm most active in and to be honest, I needed a shortcut like this, having in mind how much time networking I spent online. The Groups icon replaced the Marketplace for me as I rarely ever use it. If I clicked on it once or twice, it was surely by mistake. 


The Cleaning Algorithm


No, this isn't related to actual cleaning. It's a clean up of inactive accounts. In the last week of January Facebook users, especially those admin