Why Are Your Facebook Ads Not Working

Why Are Your Facebook Ads Not Working

April 27, 2020

I often hear from new clients "I've tried Facebook ads and they don't work. It's a waste of money". And the truth is, they don't work because they are done wrong. 


I'm not talking about the settings and correct targeting. That's also crucial, but there's something fundamental you need to understand first. 


Facebook ads don't work unless they are done in a funnel. Yes, each single ad may boost your reach and engagement, but when when it comes to conversions, you'll be out of luck. 




What is an Ads Funnel


The structure of Facebook ads and how they are organised in categories is the frame of your funnel.


You start with awareness. These types of ads don't guarantee any sales or new fans, comments, video views, anything whatsoever, except for increased reach. Their job is to put your brand in front of people's eyes. They are your introduction to your audience. So, needless to say how essential a clear message and an eye-catching visual are. 


The second stage of the Facebook Ads funnel is Consideration. This is where you can create engagement ads - more fans, post likes, comments, shares, video views, more messages or lead generation. All these types of ads warm your relationship with your initial targeted audience.