Words, Images, Videos - Where, How and Why

Words, Images, Videos - Where, How and Why

September 11, 2017

Every content marketing strategy has to be complex to be successful. Good digital marketers know that a single component of content won't bring the desired results, or if it does, it is not going to last for long. Therefore, if you want your business to take full advantage of the powerful tool that content marketing is, you need to learn how and where  to use different pieces, and why this is important. Today is your lucky day, because I'm going to teach you just that. 







Where, How and Why should you use written content?


First and foremost, you need a brilliant, converting web copy. Your website is usually the face of your brand for the world to see, so the words you use on there have to be carefully and wisely selected. Avoid cliches, ask rhetoric questions that relate to your customer's reality and provide valuable information. Apart from the main pages on your website, your blog will make a huge digital performance difference, so make sure you write and do it often. Be original in your posts and take some time to create strong and catchy headlines. This will boost your SEO and web traffic. 



Make use of some great written content platforms like Medium, LinkedIn and Facebook. You can share parts of your blog posts on there with a link to the original one or create brand new stories to boost your profile. Twitter is