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How to Say "Thank You" to Your Customers

With just a few days left to Thanksgiving, I'd like to share with you a few ideas of how you can express gratitude to your loyal customers. Of course, these are just a tiny fraction of all the incentives and rewards you can come up with, but I'm sure they will serve as an inspiration.

saying thanks in business

1. Email them a discount code

This is very common and pretty much every business with a good level of awareness of the 21st century market does it. However, make sure you personalise that email as much as possible. Go the extra mile and add a few specific details that will make the individual believe your brand truly appreciates them. Pay attention to the quality of content in the message. It has to be catchy, but not sales like; casual but not grammatically incorrect (except for creative purposes). You can never go wrong with vibrant, attention-grabbing images, just double-check they are in line with your brand.

2. Give them a shoutout in a blog post

If you write your own content, here's how you kill several birds with one stone. By giving a shoutout to your loyal customers in a blog post you show them gratitude, provide extra value (increase the exposure of the client), save yourself time for researching and writing about a particular topic and minimise your costs. That works best with service providing B2B organisations or consultants.

3. Create a secret Facebook group

Boost up the exclusivity level for your customers by adding them to a secret Facebook group. Such groups are not visible when searched for on the platform and only those who have received invitation can join. You can add exclusive offers and deals there and only the customers you've invited will be able to take advantage. Now this is also a brilliant sales strategy. Other people may not be able to find this group, but once your customers know about this incentive and appreciate its value, they will spread the word to their friends, who will have to buy from you to have access to the same discounts and deals.

4. Organise an event for loyal customers

Celebrate the people who sustain your business. Throw a theme party or a day in the park (if the weather permits it) just to say "Thank You" to those who have been loyal customers. Even if it looks like you, as a business, are not gaining much, that is not quite so. Your branding will still be visible to the wider audience before, during and after the event, so you catch a few more pairs of curious eyes that would like to know more about what you offer.

5. Send them a gift

If you can afford it, send personalised gifts to your customers to show them appreciation. It is something that always puts a smile on a person's face and it guarantees strengthening the consumer loyalty. This may cost you more than the other ideas discussed above, but not too much if you have a big enough markup margin, which most businesses do anyway.

In the spirit of being thankful, we at MBC, would like to tell you how much we appreciate every single one of our clients and all of our blog readers who actively support us by sharing and giving us feedback on the content on our website. Thank you so much for choosing us and helping us become better!

thank you to the clients



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