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How to Write Great Content When You Don't Feel Inspired

good content no inspiration

Inspiration is a though thing. If it was a living being, inspiration would be a woman - she does what she likes, comes and goes whenever she pleases and pushes you to do these crazy things that turn out to be brilliant. So in March, the most feminine month of the year, we are focusing on three important forces for success in business and life that somehow remind us of a woman's nature - inspiration, motivation and determination. And before men decide to not read this blog for the next 4 weeks, I want to reassure you that although in March we celebrate women and mothers, the content in our articles is still very relevant to every person who wants to climb to the top of their chosen field and make dreams come true.

Most of my clients hire me because they say they lack inspiration for good content creation or don't have the time to think about ideas. Well, that works for me, but my goal is not just to have a profitable business. In addition to that, I want to help you unveil your full potential and teach you how to do things that will help your development. Your success after you've taken something from me, completes my goals. No doubt, good content is key to a growing business, but how do you write, when you don't feel inspired? Here's what helps me.

good content no inspiration

1. Find Your Influencers

This is my number one strategy for getting content inspiration. I am a member of more than 40 business and entrepreneurship groups on Facebook that are regularly updated. The content that is shared there is so diverse, it comes from so many different talented and passionate people that there's no way an idea or two won't cross my mind. I also scroll down my LinkedIn timeline quite often to see what articles and posts people are writing. Again, that shows me techniques, styles and topics that I wouldn't have thought of if I didn't look there.

The method works well with your favourite blogs, podcasts, Instagram hashtags and Pinterest boards. Find out where is the crowd that inspires you and go follow it, be part of it. However, always remember that your are there to provoke your mind to think of new ideas, not just copy them. If you like so much something that someone else is doing, why don't you do a collaboration? Or you think you can add extra to what they've put together and want to remake it? Nothing wrong with that, but at least mention them as your source of inspiration.

good content no inspiration

2. Change Your Environment

Staying in the same environment for long can kill creativity. Take a walk, change the rooms or take your laptop and go to the local cafe. Something on the way may inspire you. Something you see in your new setting may be the beginning of a new story, whether you tell it with words or visuals.

3. Do Something You Love to Free Your Mind

In many cases we feel mentally blocked because there's too much on our mind. Thinking of bills, responsibilities and deadlines leaves no space for creative thoughts, so take an hour just to yourself and do something that helps you relax. Watching series does it for me, whenever I feel like I have no mental capacity for creating good content at that time. For you it could be anything - listening to music, making a healthy meal, doing yoga, playing a video game. The tricky part with this is that you have to control yourself and not get carried away with relaxation. Remember, you are doing it too free your mind so that you can get inspired.

good content no inspiration

4. Tell a Human Story

Sometimes all you have to do is tell your audience how you feel and what you are going through. That shows you as human and it is what people like to see and read these days. Share your mistakes and what you learned from them, a bad experience that brought you down and how you overcame it. You never know, someone might be going through the same thing too and what you've shared may be their inspiration to get up and get going.

5. Remember Why You Do It All

That's another method that I use to get inspiration when I feel really stuck. I go back to the goals, mission and vision I set out when I started my business. I run through some of the milestones and comments from happy clients. It helps me get my mind in the right direction and continue to create the value I said I want to provide. Always remember why you do what you do. This will be your never-ending stream of inspiration.

good content no inspiration

Still stuck? Let's have a chat, I might be able to help.



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