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The Secrets of an Event Planner

Let's round up this month's topic of events and marketing techniques "outside of the box" with an interview of one of the leading event planning agencies in London. Read what the CEO has to say as she is letting you in on some great industry secrets.

event marketing

Hub42 and Daniela Miteva

event planning

Tell us a little bit about you and your business

I'm Daniela Miteva, the founder and CEO of Hub42, a London based Events Management and Events Production agency. I have over 20 years experience in the industry. At Hub42 we create special events that bring individuals together and build mutual collaboration between various businesses. Our experience in planning and organising, from concept to delivery, from bookings to having someone to turn off the lights at the end of an event, is what makes us good.

Why did you decide to be an events planner?

I have always been the organiser among my friends and it is natural to me to create experiences and make people enjoy them. I am a very sociable person and making people happy makes me happy and gives me joy.

What is your favourite type of business event to organise?

Product launches and promotions, as I can be creative and bring out the company’s products in the best way and public events, where you can reach to the general public and create memorable experiences.

What is the biggest challenge of panning business event?

To make everybody happy. People have different personalities and have different ideas of fun, productivity and accept the world in different ways.

Why do businesses need to consider organising events in general?

Events are about people, about connections, reconnection, about involvement. Events are the best marketing tool a company or an individual can use to build professional and personal relationships.

Give 3 examples of great events that you have organised, attended or just heard about

  • London New Year Day Parade - we were part of the organising team.

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise – Discover – the biggest IT event in Europe – part of the team

  • David Roylans 90 day Challenge – speech and presentation coach – organising the whole challenge


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