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Tips from a Consumer Psychology Expert

Hey, hey everyone! This post is coming quite late. It was supposed to go out on 28th February and put a great finish to our topic for the month, which if you don't remember was building and maintaining relationships with your clients. Unfortunately, I was very sick throughout the week and still catching up on all outstanding tasks. But enough with my woes. Today's post is all about the expert advice of a Consumer Psychologist. Please meet Soheir.

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Soheir Ghanem, I’m a Brand Experience Strategist. I coach eCommerce owners on developing a brand that makes money for them and aligns with their purpose.

Soheir Ghanem Consumer Psychology Expert

In your experience, what are the things people like seeing the most from brands?

They LOVE feeling inspired and uplifted. When a brand is able to connect deeply to personal aspirations it creates a deep connection and a natural sense of belonging to a group of people.

In your experience, what are the things people hate seeing the most from brands?

They hate it when brands seem to be too corporate without a sense of human life. Buyers are repelled by heavy processes and outdated marketing strategies

What types of content are most likely to convert at higher rates?

It’s more about the medium used! Today videos that explain an show the benefits of a products will results in higher sales conversion than any other medium used. People want to save time so videos are the perfect way for them to know if they should care about the brand / products or not. A marketing campaign that uses videos and story telling where the customer is the core focus is a Jackpot guaranteed!

Give us some examples of brands you think understand consumer psychology really well.

Not just because I’m an ex-employee or because I’m still a customer, lol, but Apple remains the brand that is still able to do it better than anyone else!

What’s your best piece of advice for entrepreneurs who feel lost in understanding their target audience?

Can they afford you?

New business owners need cashflow. So enough sales to help them make it to their first year. The main reason why someone won’t buy is if they can’t afford it. Large brands have the time to wait for people to save the amount and spend it; but new entrepreneurs can't really afford it. Especially if they are a brick-and-motar store! So start with the price point then the rest of your ideal customer avatar details.

Get more amazing tips from Soheir on her website and on FB/Insta @BySoheirTV. MBC regular posts continue on Monday with our new topic for March, which you will find out when you read the next post. Have a great weekend!



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