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Why Content Marketing Stays Winning

In early 2014 content marketing began to accelerate its growth as a digital marketing technique. Every following year the success curve continued to rise up. Now content marketing is implemented in almost any business' marketing strategy and there are solid reasons behind this rising trend.

When you look at traditional marketing that's been around for years, you can't help but notice that there are certain flaws small businesses and start ups just can't afford to deal with. For example, high cost of campaigns, short retention of customer attention and wasting resources to an audience, which is very different from the brand's target market. Content marketing has solutions for all of the above and even more. Here's how in 2017 it still stays winning:

content marketing 2017

It's Cheap

Even big companies who have millions of pounds dedicated to their marketing budgets are slowly moving away from TV, radio and print media adverts in search of more cost-effective options. For an emerging or a family-run business minimising expenses on marketing is crucial. This is where a great content writer can make a big difference to the success story of a brand. If you are wondering what kind of arrangement would be better for your business have a look at our recent post Content Marketing Battle: In-House Writer vs. Freelancer.

Allows You to Target a Specific Audience

Once you have researched into your target market and you know what they like, want and show interest in, you can build your content in a way to attract that specific group of people. Making full use of social media promotional tools will help even more with the distribution of that targeted content. Facebook, Twitter and Google Analytics are particularly good at building customer profiles and helping you discover what type of content does best and what is easily discarded by your website visitors. Delivering your message to the exact type of people you want to reach as a business is much more likely to bring higher ROI and save you a lot of money on promotion.

Builds a Customer-Brand Relationship

One of the biggest advantages of content marketing is that it helps you build a strong Customer-Brand Relationship. This is extremely important for customer retention and brand reputation. Good content will envoke feelings of trust, understanding and loyalty. It will also make it easier for the customer to identify with a particular brand if their content is relatable to the person's every-day life, interests and behaviour. To find out how to leave a lasting impression with your brand message check our previous post What Content is Good Content?

It's Diverse and Multi-channelled

The beauty of content marketing comes from the diversity of its components. Running a blog? It's by far the best way of boosting your website SEO, driving more traffic and keeping your customers updated with related news and useful tips. Vlogging? You definitely know what you are doing! Video content is rapidly growing in popularity because it often attracts more views than written content and images. To top it all, digital content has the potential to go viral very quickly because it can be shared on multiple platforms and viewed by billions in the course of a few days. Of course, to log such an achievement is not an easy-peasy job and your content must be unique, exclusive and engaging.

Have you gone viral before? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.


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