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Social Media Strategy

Social media is the place to catch the majority of your customers nowadays and to do that, you need to keep them engaged, entertained and hungry for more of your content. There is a specific ratio, a.k.a the Content Rule, at which you should post educational or amusing content vs sales posts. If you get it right and you are consistent, you will soon see the results in increased followers and sales numbers. 


We can create a social media strategy and calendar for your business, telling you what to do, when, where and how to do it. You just need to follow the instructions and action it. Get in touch to tell us what exactly you need and we'll make sure to give you the best offer. 

We recognise how busy you are running your business and often times, social media engagement is the last thing you have time for. We are currently putting a new team together, so we can also offer reliable social media management packages and save you some time and efforts. Come back soon to check for updates or follow us on social media. We'll certainly announce it, when we are ready.