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Terms & Conditions

1. All content on the website and rights in relation to it belong to Mariella Blago Consultancy, trading name of Make Me Glow Ltd. By using this website you agree to not copy, modify, redistribute any part of this content as your own and for commercial use, unless you have obtained permission from Mariella Blago Consultancy in writing. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions stop using the website immediately. Failure to comply with this term may result in prosecution in accordance with the Copyright Act 1988, part of the UK law. 


2. The prices and completion times listed on are placed as guidance. Different projects will require different periods of time to be completed and may result in higher fees. You will be provided with an accurate quote for your requested service before both parties commit to it. You will not be charged extra if the project takes longer than quoted, unless you have requested for additional tasks to what has been agreed initially.


3. Mariella Blago Consultancy reserves the right to change any content, inclusive of prices placed on at any point and at our own discretion. We may or may not notify you of such changes. Any ongoing projects will be charged at the same rates and prices listed in the custom quote provided to the client before the start of the project. If we change our subscription package prices, we will let all paying clients know at least one month in advance. 


4. Mariella Blago Consultancy requires 50% of the project fee to be paid in advance. Further 30% are due after the submission of the first draft and the last 20% due on completion and signing off the project. In cases where no edits are needed after the submission of the first draft, the remaining 50% of the project fee are due immediately after the client has accepted the work. Payment details will be provided on the official invoices sent to the client. 


5. Design projects include one edit after the first submission in the price. If you require further edits you may be charged extra. Writing projects include up to two edits after the first draft submission. If you require further edits you may be charged extra. 

6. Refunds are only available in cases where Mariella Blago Consultancy did not keep the agreed deadline of the projects for any reason except serious illness (hospitalisation), death, natural disaster or technical issue beyond our control. If such situations emerge, the client will be provided with the relevant evidence. 

7. We collect and store securely some of your data such as name, email address and telephone number. We will only use this data to keep in touch with you either as part of the working process or as part of our marketing activities. We will never sell or provide third parties with your personal details. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information on how we handle and store your data.

8. These Terms & Conditions are legally binding between you as the User and us as Mariella Blago Consultancy.

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