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Consulting & Strategy Building

Business Consultation

Over the years we have worked with many people who had brilliant business ideas, but didn't really know how to turn them into successful ventures. Often times, individuals who go into business don't take the necessary time to research the market, analyse their competitors and identify their ideal client. Of course, this leads to many more problems in the business at a later stage. 

We offer 30-min FREE discovery calls, in which we try to find out the most about you, your business and your goals and objectives. This helps us identify the most pressing problems and prepare an offer with adequate solutions.

Should you wish to continue working with us and take advantage of the solutions we are offering, we can schedule business consultations either face to face (subject to COVID-19 restrictions) or over the phone/online. Each consultation lasts up to an hour and you can have as many or as few as you decide. 



Social media is the place to catch the majority of your customers and to do that, you need to keep them engaged, entertained and hungry for more of your content. There is a specific ratio, a.k.a the Content Rule. If you get it right and you are consistent, you will soon see the results in increased followers and sales numbers. 


We can create a social media strategy and calendar for your business, telling you what to do, when, where and how to do it. You just need to follow the instructions and action it. Get in touch to tell us what exactly you need and we'll make sure to give you the best offer. 

Unfortunately, organic content will not always be enough to increase your sales and move your business forward. We also offer paid ads funnel strategies, spreading over the period of several months. The aim is to build a warm audience, which consistently engages with your content and converts into paying customers. Then, we take on retargeting existing consumers and expand the hot audience by using the data we've collected over the said period. Contact us to discuss your current objectives and budget you can dedicate to paid ads campaigns



Social Media Strategies

Marketing Plan

Despite the huge influence social media has on business today, what we do on the major social networks is only a fraction of the marketing activities a successful organisation should undertake. Depending on your niche, target market and other factors, there are certainly more avenues for advertisement and marketing to help your business grow. 


We can create a detailed marketing plan with a variety of activities, relevant to targeting your ideal client. The plan includes a schedule and approximate budgeting. If you are short of ideas how to market your products and services, this could be the best solution. We would recommend taking advantage of our 30-min FREE discovery call to discuss your current position and give you more information on the marketing plan we can craft for you. 

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