10 Top Social Media Trends in 2020

As you know, September is the month of future trends on MBC blog. We looked at the digital marketing trends as a whole, then went into more detail about web design and content. Today's focus is on social media trends you need to follow in 2020 if you want your business to grow.

Before we delve into the actual trends, let me just say that social media influence in marketing is here to stay. Yes, some channels may be getting less traction or became less effective, but others are becoming more popular and presenting new paths for development.

Let's speak in examples.

Instagram is frustrating a lot of marketers! The organic reach is almost dead and it's so hard to increase your permanent followers if playing by the rules.

SnapChat is on its deathbed when it comes to business opportunities. But... TikTok maybe the next rising star.

Well, that's actually a trend you should be keeping your eyes on!

social media trends in 2020

1. It's All About Relationships

There's no better way to begin the social media trends in 2020 list than with the undoubtedly leading topic of building relationships!

It's not the first time we talk about creating strong and meaningful relationships with your target market on this blog. In fact, the regular readers may be getting tired of it, but if you still don't believe you need to relate with your audience the way you do with your friends, you are going to witness this trend in action very soon. Perhaps, you are already seeing it.

For starters, Facebook and Instagram will continue slashing the organic reach of pages and accounts that don't engage meaningfully on the platforms. Like and reply to comments, ask questions, send messages (when appropriate!).

Make your consumers feel a part of a close community. Even better, let them feel they belong to the family of your business.

build relationships

2. Be Personal

Let's go back just 5 years. Do you remember CEOs of big companies writing posts on Facebook or Instagram or even LinkedIn? If it happened it was very limited and it was considered a WOW factor!

In 2020 the Social CEO is part of the norm. This is due to the fact that many Millennials and Gen Z representatives start successful ventures. These people are used to social media. In fact, they would find it hard to run and grow their business without social media.

They are used to sharing their personal life and experiences to motivate and inspire others who want to become like them or achieve their success. It comes natural for these CEOs to blend nicely their personality with the identity of the brand.

For older generations or people who generally don't like exposing their life online for the whole world to see, being personal on social media may be a challenge. Nevertheless, it is one of the biggest trends we are seeing and will continue to see across social media channels.

be personal

3. User Privacy

User privacy has been a huge issue over the past few years. The EU court, as well as the US Congress has taken decisions and measures to limit the personal data businesses can use through social media giants like Facebook and Instagram.

It is possible that the paid advertisement features of these platforms may become more expensive as data has to be further filtered. However, there's a silver lining in the next trend.

4. Data Insights

You may not be able to target as many people freely as before, but social insights will become even more powerful in 2020. Usually, that's data that's ready to digest by the marketer, but for those who are inexperienced may take a while to make sense of it.

What you need to do in 2020 is learn to analyse the transformed data you get from the insights on your social media. Then outline trends and create strategies based on these trends.

Here's a random example.

Data: The largest age group of your fan base is 25-34 years old

What does it mean: you need to build content that the people in that age group care about

Data: The most popular type of content on your page is video

What does it mean: you need to create more videos with the content your largest age group cares about

Data: Your audience is most active on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday between 6pm and 8pm

What does it mean: You need to create more videos with the content your largest age group cares about and publish them on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday between 6pm and 8pm

You continue with the rest.

5. Private Sharing and Communication

You have probably seen the new Facebook button, which prompts you to share a post directly to someone's inbox. It's the beginning of a trend for private communication on social media.