Are Google Ads Worth it in 2019?

I often get asked by clients to create and manage an AdWords campaign for them. My answer to all for the past one year was - don't do it. It's not worth it. The main reason why I said that was because Google was preparing an algorithm update, which was not due for release until 2020. In the process, a lot of Google services suffered. You probably noticed that Google Maps were in total shambles at some point. Google+ was shut down and there was more trouble. AdWords were not an exclusion. However, the new update is here and it's been rolling for a month now. The best thing about it, advertisers say, is the improved machine learning and precision of the algorithm. This is what we wanted, neede

Link Building vs Social Media Activity for Good SEO in 2019

Anyone who has a basic knowledge about SEO is aware how important link building is. It's one of the main signals Google receives that a particular website is credible, well-maintained and shares valuable content. I mean, of course! If a huge brand or an established online news agent decides to link back to your site, it's a clear sign you are the real deal. But that isn't so easy to achieve. Also, something we shouldn't be missing in 2019 - social media activity as social proof for valuable content. Which one has more weight or do they weigh exactly the same in the eyes of Google, we are about to find out. Link Building in 2019 Link building isn't what it was before. No, I don't mean it's le

SEO Techniques that DON'T Work in 2019

Search Engine Optimisation hasn't stopped being one of the most important segments of digital marketing. However, as everything else in the digital world, it is ever-changing. The SEO techniques you used 2-3 years ago are no longer applicable and can hurt your website more than they help it. Some of the things we did last year, are no longer relevant either. So, if you want to keep your website on the front positions of the search results, you must keep up to date with the trends and news. Most importantly, don't use SEO techniques that don't work in 2019. Too Many Keywords I have written about this wrong tactic before. Even though, it is a very old technique, which has been proven ineffecti

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