How to Start a Business with less than £100

Recently, I got into a debate where some people argued that you can't start a business without a serious capital. My personal business journey, as well as, many of the people I know who are successful in their ventures, show exactly the opposite. And because I don't like making statements without being able to support them with facts, I interviewed several entrepreneurs who started their businesses with less than £100. Eco Products Home Factory with £50 Green living is becoming more and more popular as people become more environmentally conscious. They recognise the benefits of using natural products for their beauty and health routines. But usually, organic products are very expensive. That

Best Platforms for DIY Website Design

DIY website for a real business? Isn't that just a clear sign of lack of commitment to your business venture? Not really. It's not every business that can afford or even needs a professionally designed website at the very early stages of their journey. Learning how to create your website on your own doesn't make you cheap or less serious about doing business. It actually makes you resourceful. But before you make the decision to go DIY, you need to understand how website design platforms work and which one is best for your particular scenario. Wordpress Are you a blogger, an aspiring influencer or want to start media related business? There's no better online place than Wordpress to host you

DIY Free Branding Tools and Resources

Sometimes a business idea is too good to be put on hold until you have enough capital to hire a branding specialist before launching. The truth is, there are thousands of successful businesses worldwide that were started with just a couple of hundred pounds or even less. While I'd always recommend seeking professional help for the aspects of your business you are not fully confident in, I'd also always encourage creativity and boldness to bring your ideas to reality. You don't need to start big to earn big in the future. Look at Amazon, they started in just one small garage. Of course, there's no real growth without real investment, but do you need to be spending money you don't have right f

How to Write Business Plan on Your Own

If you are starting a business or getting ready to expand, you certainly need a business plan. That's not negotiable. If you are to make your venture successful, you need to plan all of your actions beforehand in a systemised way. You do that so you can keep yourself in check every step of the journey towards your end goal. But do you really need to pay someone to write a full professional business plan for you? Not necessarily. In most cases, you will require the services of a professional business plan writer if you are applying for funding or looking for partners. However, if you are only going to use your business plan internally to track progress, I highly recommend you try doing it you

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