10 Best Video Creation and Editing Softwares for Small Business

Everybody is banging on about using video in your marketing, but as a small business with a tight budget this could be a challenge. Perhaps you can't afford to pay freelancers all the time to create slideshows, animated videos or other types of video content all the time. At the same time, you want to make the most of the video trend while it lasts. I have a solution for you. Learn to make videos yourself. How - you'd ask. Here's a list of the 10 best video creation and editing softwares/apps for small businesses. These are more than perfect to get you started and really easy to grasp. I use 6 of them consistently. iMovie If you are a Mac user, you have already been blessed with one of the m

Video vs. Images - What gets more engagement on Social Media

You know how we always say video is the best form of content. You must use this in your content marketing strategy. Well, while this is true, for the past several months we have also noticed a trend that may be a tad surprising. Images seem to be just as powerful and sometimes...even perform better on social media. So, in what cases it is better to use videos and when should we rely more on images? Videos To make a video work for you on most social media channels, it must be short and interesting. It has to provide value to your audience. It may be educational - teach them how to do something. It may be entertaining - show them something funny. Or, it may be inspirational - motivate people t

How to Create Your Video Content Strategy

Happy April's Fool! I'm not one to fool around, so we are getting straight to the point. New week, new month, new blog topic. In April we are focusing on the biggest content trend for the last couple of years - video. Surprisingly, despite all the evidence of video content effectiveness and all marketing experts swearing by it, a lot of small businesses still feel reluctant to use video in their content arsenal. Why is that? Probably because they don't have enough information on the right types of video for their brand and don't know how to create a video content strategy or plan. And what am I here for if not to shed light on a topic like that? Let's find solutions for the most common "excu

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