Marketing vs Sales - What's the Difference?

It turns out a lot of people think that marketing is the same thing as sales or advertising equals marketing. That's totally not the case! Marketing is a complex system of many activities, strategies and thorough research that often, but not always, aim to increase the sales. Sometimes marketing is done purely to strengthen the brand image. Other times, it is to ensure the right audience is reached and retained and to boost interest towards a particular product or service. Adverts are just one type of marketing activity. Ads' main purpose is to drive sales, although, they could also aim to simply increase the brand awareness. Sales are the last stage of the marketing process where a transact

How to Know What Your Consumer Wants

Don't just sell a product. Offer what your consumer really wants. Great advice! But how do you know what your consumer wants? Is it a special kind of science or do we all need to be psychics? No, not at all! Actually, learning what your consumer wants is not that hard. By the end of this post, you'll be ready to get on with it. Who is your ideal client? Your first step into understanding your customer is finding out who they are. And not just any customer that may spend money with you on a random occasion. You want to know and truly understand your ideal client. Start by painting a portrait of the person who you think you want to sell your product or service to the most. It is a man or a wom

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