These Fabulous Mompreneurs Will Make You Believe in Your Dreams - Part II

Kim Saxby 1. Introduce yourself and your business. My name is Kim Saxby - a long time administrative professional turned online assistant virtuoso, and I am the creator and force behind Madry Creative. Determined to help grow my business by growing others, I am well versed in being the right-hand (wo)man. A mom of two young boys, multi tasking is my super power and we all know organizational prowess is a must-have both in business and in kid wrangling! My business, Madry Creative, offers virtual assistant services for busy businesses specializing in email management, administrative services and social media management. 2. What/who inspired you to start your business? I have always wanted to

These Fabulous Mompreneurs Will Make You Believe in Your Dreams - Part I

We are sending off the month of women, mothers and inspiration by interviewing truly fabulous mompreneurs who juggled several plates at once and did it mind-blowingly well. In preparation of this post I came across so many strong and amazing women, running successful businesses and being loving moms to children of all ages. Their stories were so powerful and real. I wish I could share all of them with you, but all that greatness won't fit in just two parts. Are you in need of a superwoman inspiration dose? Keep reading and don't miss part II on Wednesday. Harleen Chadha Introduce yourself and your business I am a mum of a 3 year old and I am a certified coach for women looking to take action

Learning New Skills vs. Outsourcing in Business

Business growth is closely associated with introducing more value, improved customer service and new products/services to your clients. To make that possible an entrepreneur will either have to learn new skills or outsource specific tasks. It takes a lot of careful consideration to choose the right option for your business at a particular point in time. It's a complex decision taking into account a number of factors, therefore one can't be deemed better than the other in 100% of the cases. However, I hope that after reading this article you will be able to decide whether you need to learn new skills or outsource some aspects of your business activities. Why Learn New Skills Learning is alway

Setting New Goals and Building a Content Strategy

Can you believe the first quarter of the year is almost over? As a business person you know that this is a time for evaluation and measuring success, but it is also a time for setting new goals and updating your content strategy. Why do I need new goals and strategy? New goals help businesses grow instead of remaining stagnant. In the same way, setting new goals for your content marketing is essential for achieving bigger and better results. Naturally, your objectives will change as the environment (the market) changes. You need to review your goals and see if they are still relevant. This is done by researching the trends in your industry, the current mood of your audience and the content m

How to Write Great Content When You Don't Feel Inspired

Inspiration is a though thing. If it was a living being, inspiration would be a woman - she does what she likes, comes and goes whenever she pleases and pushes you to do these crazy things that turn out to be brilliant. So in March, the most feminine month of the year, we are focusing on three important forces for success in business and life that somehow remind us of a woman's nature - inspiration, motivation and determination. And before men decide to not read this blog for the next 4 weeks, I want to reassure you that although in March we celebrate women and mothers, the content in our articles is still very relevant to every person who wants to climb to the top of their chosen field and

Tips from a Consumer Psychology Expert

Hey, hey everyone! This post is coming quite late. It was supposed to go out on 28th February and put a great finish to our topic for the month, which if you don't remember was building and maintaining relationships with your clients. Unfortunately, I was very sick throughout the week and still catching up on all outstanding tasks. But enough with my woes. Today's post is all about the expert advice of a Consumer Psychologist. Please meet Soheir. Please introduce yourself. My name is Soheir Ghanem, I’m a Brand Experience Strategist. I coach eCommerce owners on developing a brand that makes money for them and aligns with their purpose. In your experience, what are the things people like seein

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