What's New on Social Media in 2019

After we spoke about What's New on Facebook and Instagram, it's time to turn our eyes to the updates on other important social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. Why not have a separate post on each you would say? Well, mainly because we are still quite early in the year and not every social media platform has brought out many new features. That's exactly the case of Pinterest, for example. Pinterest Pinterest's last major update was released in September 2018 and it changed a lot of things on the platform, indeed. The most obvious change was the introduction of the Pinterest Communities. These are like Facebook Groups to an extend, but still, very different. They do, howe

What's New on Instagram in 2019

Continuing the "What's New" series, today we set our eyes on Instagram. Although not at huge as Facebook and YouTube, Instagra

What's New on Facebook

It's officially the month of love! My way of showing you love in February will be by sharing the latest news and important updates of the major social media platforms. Why this is important? So you can keep doing the right things and avoid mistakes that can slow down your business development. It's only fair to begin the What's New series with the social media giant - Facebook. The Create Button Whenever Facebook rolls out a new feature or an algorithm update, they don't do it for all accounts at once. They always like having test groups who receive the newest tools and changes first. So, the button Create has been available for some users for 1-2 months and for others, it may have appeared

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