The Future of Content: How to Market in 2021

I told you some time ago that the future of marketing is in content and building meaningful relationships with your audience. That proved to be true. Now the question is what's the future of content. Or in other words - how to market in 2021? In this article I'm focusing on 10 main content marketing trends that grew in influence the year we all stayed home and will continue to rule in 2021. 1. Dynamic, Adaptive, Personalised Our world has changed forever. We knew that augmented and virtual reality will become a main drive in marketing some time in the future. What happened in 2020 was the accelerator of that process. AR and VR will not only grow as trends in content marketing but will also d

How Remote Work Is Changing Tech Salaries During Coronavirus

It is possible remote work might be the longest-lasting change to work culture from the coronavirus epidemic. Companies are adopting work from home culture, even hiring remote-only positions. Location may no longer be a barrier to employment. During this workplace adjustment, companies are still figuring out the logistics to remote work. One potential change is salary. Companies are exploring different ways to approach paying employees who don’t report to the office regularly. There are a lot of factors employers must consider about remote work. Location, Location, Location Working remotely doesn’t necessarily mean living in a different state than your employer. Since Covid-19 stopped employ

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