5 Reasons You Need Systems in Your Business & Which Systems You Need to Implement NOW

Why We Resist Systems I know, systems aren’t sexy. They don’t call out to you “implement me and I’ll make your life/business like heaven on earth”. See, I know you – you are creative, passionate, innovative – you want to do your business, not spend your time setting up processes and procedures. You are the magic ingredient in your business and you want to be the one to sprinkle your magic dust. After all, there is no one else who can do what you do, like you do it. And of course, who hasn’t heard the saying “if you want something done right, do it yourself”? So when I start talking about systems, your eyes glaze over and your mind wanders on to more exciting things. You have convinced yourse

BEING YOUR OWN BOSS: Thinking Strategically, Managing Performance, and Knowing your Customer and Mar

Now that you are thinking about becoming your own boss or have done so already, there are certain elements of business ownership that you should consider. Along with developing your start-up budget and creating your marketing materials, strategic planning, performance management and customer and market focus are other key elements of your business that will need your attention. Strategic Planning Many may think strategic planning is something done once a year, packaged in a nice binder and placed on the shelf until the next year. However, strategic planning is a blend of art and science. It is pivotal for you to understand how to apply your technical knowledge of your industry and blend it

What to Do Before Starting a Business

Are you wanting to start a Business? Do you have the business jungle fever in your veins? Then this blog is for you! I will share 3 tips to ensure that you get off on the right foot. Before starting a Business, do your research and know your purpose! This is very important because once you know your “WHY” then it makes so easy to get the ball rolling with everything. Of course with anything that you do, you want to make sure and do your research on what you are wanting to do! I would recommend finding people that are proven to be successful in the industry and if they have a HOW-TO go read it or watch it because more than likely they will share tips and tricks on how they got to the point wh

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