Why Are Your Facebook Ads Not Working

I often hear from new clients "I've tried Facebook ads and they don't work. It's a waste of money". And the truth is, they don't work because they are done wrong. I'm not talking about the settings and correct targeting. That's also crucial, but there's something fundamental you need to understand first. Facebook ads don't work unless they are done in a funnel. Yes, each single ad may boost your reach and engagement, but when when it comes to conversions, you'll be out of luck. What is an Ads Funnel The structure of Facebook ads and how they are organised in categories is the frame of your funnel. You start with awareness. These types of ads don't guarantee any sales or new fans, comments, v

Top 10 Video Marketing Trends 2020

Video content is marketer's best friend. It's no longer the case of including it in a company's marketing strategy, it's now a matter of building the strategy around video. So what are the top 10 video marketing trends in 2020 you should be aware of? 1. Being Easily Accessible One of the major video marketing trends 2020 is making sure your videos are accessible across channels and people can watch them in different places. Post your video natively on different social media - YouTube, Facebook, IGTV, Twitter. Also, embed it on your website. Different people prefer to use different digital platforms. You need to adapt, in order to be able to send your message to as many of your ideal customer

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