It's OUR Birthday!

This isn't the type of post you usually see on this blog, but today is a very special day and this is a very special post. Once again, cake and a "happy birthday" song are in order. Mariella Blago Consultancy is 4 and this is the 100th post on the blog!!! Wow, how time flies! Exactly 1461 days ago I began writing content for businesses. My first project was assigned by a British company for homeware products. I had to write 50 product descriptions of door knobs and I was paid $30 for it. Yes, not pound sterling... 30 US dollars. Minus the fees I had to pay to the freelancer platform I got the project through. MBC spent 9 months on that platform, completing over 50 projects for business owner

The Honest Truth about Influencer Marketing and 2019 Trends

In March we focused on a really interesting and continuously rising topic - influencer marketing. I told you what it means, introduced the benefits of it, gave you some pointers how you can become an influencer and also, created a free list of UK and US influencers you can use to find the best match for your brand. But somehow, I feel I haven't told you all about it. That's why today we are going to speak the truth about influencer marketing and the 2019 trends in that sub-industry. Is it Worth it? I'm sure this is a question most small businesses and new brands without huge marketing budgets are asking. The answer is not single-worded, unfortunately. The power of influencers is real. They a

How to Find the Right Influencer for your Brand

After we discussed what Influencer marketing is and how to become an influencer, there is one burning question left to answer. How can you find the right influencer for your brand and maximise your ROI? You are really lucky for reading this post, not only because I'm going to give you some really good tips, but also because you can now download a list of 100 US and UK Influencers for free! I did that specially for you! Where do I find Influencers? As we said before, influencers are several types and usually divided by platforms. Just like I did in my list! You have the bloggers, the social influencers - on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and the vloggers, who usually focus on their

How to Become an Influencer and Make Money of It

If you are looking for ideas how to make money from home by simply doing what you love doing, influencer marketing may be the answer. It has seen immense growth in the past several years and proves to be one of the most successful forms of modern marketing. Furthermore, influencer marketing is a digital marketing trend for 2019. Brands are quick to connect with influencers and offer them free gifts and/or monetary remuneration as statistics show incredibly high ROI (almost $7 return for every $1 investment!). Influencers on the other hand, can make a totally comfortable living by being themselves and doing life the way they like. Sounds appealing to you? Let's answer that boiling question -

What is Influencer Marketing and the Benefits of It

Influencer marketing has been growing in the past couple of years. It's helped a lot of businesses reach new customers and a lot of individuals start their own businesses. So what exactly is influencer marketing and how can it benefit you? That's what we are going to talk about today. Heads up, the entire month of March we will be discussing this topic from many different angles. So get ready, we are going deep into this. What is Influencer Marketing Influencer marketing is almost the same as Celebrity Marketing - getting someone super famous to say a few nice words about your brand and recommend your products on (social) media. The difference between the two is that influencers don't have t

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