What is Emotional Marketing

Currently a lot of businesses are struggling on a global scale due to the COVID-19 impact. Many have shut down completely, while others are still trying to adapt. From my personal observation and research, few of those businesses are putting their focus in the right direction. The majority of affected companies and freelancers are not thinking about marketing. And this is a mistake. Now is the right time to put a serious push on marketing strategies and campaigns. Having said that, if you relied on salesy posts and aggressive advertisement techniques so far, that will have to change completely! Emotional marketing and thoughtful content are the only way forward. But what does that really mea

How is the Coronavirus Outbreak Affecting Businesses Across Industries

The Coronavirus outbreak has put the world's largest economies under immense pressure. Most of the countries in Europe, the USA, New Zealand and China are in complete lockdown. United Kingdom refuses to undertake such a step in an attempt to save the economy. However, the damage is already done. Ever since the Coronavirus began spreading across Europe, business slowed down in most industries and at present, completely died out in some. The Events Industry All face to face business, entertainment and personal events have been cancelled or rescheduled. Smart event professionals were able to move some of their conferences, meetings and even trade shows online. A UK events company even started a

Social Media Changes 2020

Oh does it ever end? Social media changes, I mean... No, it doesn't. I know for most business owners and marketers this is frustrating, but the constant updates and upgrades of how social media works help the best and most innovative shine. That being said, you've probably seen some of the recent cosmetic changes on most big social media channels. But have you analysed what this really means for your business and marketing strategy? And more so, are social media changes in 2020, just a few new tweaks on the appearance or do they change the game entirely? Facebook Let's start with the giant. The changes Facebook has been planning since the beginning of 2019 are finally being rolled out to mos

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