Is it Worth Joining an MLM Business

MLM companies seem to be taking over the world by promising a lavish lifestyle where you determine your working hours, patterns and even location. At a glance, it doesn't take much to achieve amazing results and live the life of your dreams. Who wouldn't want to experience full financial freedom and independence, while doing the things they love? However, behind the glamorous pictures on Instagram and the testimonials of real-life MLM masters, there are some secrets the general public is often unaware of. Does it mean MLM is a lie? No, not at all! But it means there's a lot more to it than what is being advertised. Today we are going to unlock what it really takes to be successful at a multi

Email Marketing vs Intuitive Marketing

Email marketing has been a massive trend in the past few years and I must admit, there are some good features that makes it really effective. The problem I have with it and the gurus who recommend it so much, is the way it is advertised. "Email marketing is a way of building your relationship with your audience." Wrong! The truth is, you can't have successful email marketing campaigns if you haven't already built a strong relationship with your audience. People won't open and read your emails if they don't know you and trust you. That doesn't happen with just one freebie you give them. It takes a lot more time, efforts and mastering intuitive marketing. What is Intuitive Marketing? Another t

How to Work with the Facebook and Instagram Changes

Welcome to May, everyone! Usually we have a topic for every month, but this time we are going to discuss different ways we use marketing in its various forms. The hottest topic in the past few weeks has been the changes on Facebook and Instagram. It only makes sense we start with it, especially because a lot of accounts are still experiencing glitches and that's quite confusing for most business owners. Luckily, I'm here to explain exactly what's going on and how to work with these changes. What's Changing on Facebook Facebook has gone through a tough year, having to answer to Congress about the huge Cambridge Analytica scandal and a lot of other private info leaks and breaches. These are th

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