5 Fears Every Entrepreneur Has and How to Overcome Them

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while probably know that I am a sucker for themed posts. And what's the next big holiday knocking on the door? Halloween, of course! But wait a minute, what does Halloween have to do with business? Well, nothing at a glance. If you think about it, though, in its core the celebration of Halloween is about conquering the fear of the unknown. And as business owners we have to do that not just on a particular day of the year, but almost every morning. Quite often, even before the coffee. So, to stay relevant with time, I've chosen to talk about some of the most common fears every entrepreneur has at some point of their business journey. But of c

5 Best Business Areas to Outsource

First of all let me start with an apology. I took on the Blogtober challenge and I couldn't finish it. The main problem was actually technical. I accidentally spilt some water on my Mac and... I nearly lost my mind. I was unable to work at all for a couple of days and by the time I got a new one (the old one was not repairable 😢) I thought I'd lost the momentum with Blogtober, so I just focused on catching up with the rest of the tasks I had to finish. I felt quite unsettled for some time because I really don't Despite all that, I managed to complete 10 days of the challenge, which is 1/3! My posts seemed to be performing well and people were interested in reading them. I choose to count it

Google+ is Shutting Down - What Does it Mean for Your Business?

Blogtober, Day 10 Breaking News! Google just announced that they will be shutting down the Google Plus platform because of the massive data breach it experienced and decided to keep quiet. The majority of Internet users didn't even blink at the news. But as a business owner, you should know Google Plus was and still is a valuable asset to your SEO and content marketing strategy. What happened? While the whole world was pointing a judgemental finger at Mark Zuckerberg for his inability to protect user data, the same kind of data breach was happening at Google. The difference? Google decided to keep that information to themselves to avoid media outburst and having to deal with the press. Not

What is Mix and Why You Should Use It

Blogtober, Day 9 You are probably barely keeping up with all the social media channels that everyone is saying you should be using for your business. I understand it can be really overwhelming, but today I'll add one more to the list. Perhaps most of you haven't even heard of it, but it can be really beneficial if you get the hang of it. I'm talking about Mix. It was launched in July 2018 as a replacement for StumbleUpon. Now some of you know how valuable Stumbles were for blog and website traffic. I was just starting to make a really good use of it when they announced it will be shutting down. It was frustrating, but when I got the invitation to sign up for Mix I jumped straight onto it.

10 FREE Things that Increase Productivity

Productivity is essential for your life as a business owner. Some people have it naturally, but for others it isn't always a peace of cake to stay focused and get things done. Busy lives bring plenty of distractions and quite often we get carried away with everyday problems and events. But if you have taken the decision that you will be successful, you will have to deal with all these distractions and not let them take over. There are coaches who offer productivity therapies and training, but really, you don't need to go that far. Actually, improving your performance at work and in life can be done very easily with any or a combination of these 10 completely free things. 1. Exercise Physical

Can You Be Successful in Business with No Digital Marketing At All?

Since I started the Blogtober challenge, I asked my audience to let me know what topics they'd like me to write about during the month. Once gentleman from Nigeria wrote on my post and said I should write about him. I didn't even think twice. I knew I had done my ad targeting right, so he must be a business owner. And I've interviewed so many other business owners for the blog. I thought to myself why not. We got to talk a bit on Messenger and it turned out that he has never used digital marketing for his business, but his company is actually flourishing. And before you think, he's doing well just on a local level, read what we talked about. MB: Good afternoon, mr Unegbu! Thank you for comme

How to Stay Motivated Despite Unsupportive Family and Friends

Blogtober, Day 5. Yesterday I published a video in which I talked about how I get motivated to achieve my business goals. However, sometimes the bigger issue is staying motivated, especially when you don't get the support of your family and friends. Someone recently posted a super relevant picture. It had two types of Facebook statuses. The first one said "I got the job" and had 87 likes and 15 supportive or congratulatory comments. The other one was "I started my own business" and it only got 3 likes and 1 "thumbs up" emoji comment. I would love to say that it isn't a common scenario and it has been created just for laughs. Unfortunately, that's the reality new entrepreneurs face quite ofte

5 Great Reasons to Join Blogtober

Ermm... what is Blogtober actually?  I hear you asking that question. This is a challenge for bloggers to publish a new blog post every day

How to Plan Your Time and Get it All Done

Get it all done? For a working parent, trying to have a loving marriage, happy friends, enough sleep, making efforts to look good and eat he

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