Clone Yourself and Do It All!

It's the season of holidays. The fact that you run a whole business all by yourself (or you are the driving force of it), doesn't mean you can't take one. Especially on some nice, sunny place with sandy beaches and great cocktails. But what would happen to all the things you need to do for your business? The social media engagement? The content calendar? Won't the SEO suffer? Let me pause you for a bit. You worry too much. Instead, keep reading this amazing advice from a guest writer and marketing specialist Teddie. Have you ever wished to be able to clone yourself so you can be present on social media and do all your business tasks at the same time? Well, you are lucky now – “cloning” is no

How to Avoid Google Ranking Penalties with Your Content

The content on your website is more than 50% of what determines whether you will rank high on search engines or not. Learning what to do and what to avoid is crucial to the success of your SEO. Since 2010, Google has released various algorithms that monitor all the web pages on the internet and their content. The most significant ones are Panda and Penguin. Penguin, in particular, can bring heavy penalties to your website if your content is found to breach one or more of the official Google optimisation guidelines. What are heavy penalties? Well, there are no direct monetary fines, if that's what you are asking, but your website can be penalised by dropping 10 to 100 positions on the search

How to Get on the First Page of Google for FREE

Businesses these days pay crazy amounts of money for SEO with the sole aim to appear on first page of Google. What if I told you you can achieve that for free by simply doing one thing - connecting your website to Google Search Console? Those of you who don't have much SEO knowledge probably feel more confused than before, but that's why I'm here. So let's walk you through the whole process and get your pages right where they belong - on Google's first page! What is Google Search Console? Ok, so what's this Console thing? It's part of Google Webmasters Tools, fully accessible to everyone who has a website and completely free. No monthly subscription fees, no license charges, sin dinero extra

10 Things You Need to Know about Link Building

Link building is another vital part of successful SEO. It includes various tactics with which you can strengthen the authority of your website. And this is the very reason why backlinks are so important for search engine optimisation. Google algorithms pay a lot of attention to the credibility of your content is to rank it higher. The more links from authority website you have leading back to yours, the higher your chances to come up higher in engine searches. But this whole process of including and receiving links can take a lot of time and efforts. So here are the 10 things you need to know about link building. #1. What is Link Building First things first, we need to know what exactly we a

No Regular Blogging, No Good SEO Results

Welcome to the second half of 2018! It's crazy how quick time flies! Here's a quick recap on the business topics we cover on the blog from January till the end of June. If you missed anything important, you can always go back and have a read. To avoid missing anything from now on, subscribe to get an email every time a new blog post is published. January - Starting a business, essential aspects February - Building customer relationships March - Goal setting, motivation and organisation tips April - Business transitions - value, price, time away May - Social Media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter June - Social Media - Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, IGTV, Google+ I'd really love to share with you

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