Why Having a Vision Board is Important

At the beginning of the year we usually set goals. Or at least make resolutions. But more often than not, we fail to follow through with what we said is our deepest desire. There are many reasons why that happens and we discussed most of them in last week's post. However, there's a particular step, which many of us skip and it becomes the stumbling block to achieving our goals. It's visualisation. You must have heard of a vision board, but have you ever created one? Perhaps you don't think it's necessary to keep you focused. While it won't guarantee absolute success, I am certain it will help you concentrate on your priorities and objectives. And it definitely won't hurt having it! Not convi

Goal Setting for Success

Happy New Year! It seems like the right time to set goals and plan for your future. Not only because it is a new year, but also a whole new decade! How hard can it be? Just pinpoint those few things you really want and make them your resolutions! But that's not really how it works. You see, every year the larger majority of the world’s population sets some goals and only a tiny fraction of them get to achieve those goals in the period of 12 months. Why is that? There's no plan for action. No visualisation. No strong mindset. So, it may not be 1st of January today, but it's still early on in the year and the lesson you will learn from this post will last you a lifetime. Let's crack on with so

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