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Branding Ideas: Logo design trends for 2019

Branding should always be unique for each business, however, that doesn't mean there aren't trends which influence the designs in one way or another. It's not just about colours and how your logo is going to look like. Your branding is a unified system that conveys your brand message and values with just a few characters. Branding your business successfully requires both creativity and logic, which makes it a crucial process of forming your business identity. One of the first things that comes to mind when we say business identity is logo design. Whether you are an artist who thinks they can complete the task, or you would rather outsource the job to a logo designer, it's important to be up to date with the current (and future) logo design trends.

logo design trends 2019

1. Unconventional Combinations in Colour Palettes

Since branding goes way beyond your logo creation you can't just choose one or two colours to represent your entire brand. That's why designers use colour palettes. You've seen a number of non-traditional colour combinations throughout 2018. This branding trend progresses into 2019. Popular ideas include mint green, baby pink/magenta, light or dark grey and a tinge of gold. Another interesting combination is blue and purple, often called by branding specialists "blurple". Bright colours would be a leading choice in next year's designs, not only when it comes to logos, but also for websites.

colour palette 2019

Who's this suitable for: The mint/pink/grey palette would suit perfectly a blogger, fashion stylist, crafts maker or a wedding planner.

2. Angular and Sharp Shapes

You must have noticed this trends with quite a few big brands. They use sharp lines and angular shapes both as image creation and font. A great example for this is Deliveroo. One more tip: come up with different shape combinations for different sections of your website and make this a distinctive feature of your branding.

deliveroo logo design

shapes combinations for branding

Who's this suitable for: Brands whose main target audience is millennials, entertainment industry businesses or media brands. In such instances, you can introduce chat boxes with sharp lines as part of your logo design.

3. Gradients

Guess why gradients became so popular? Instagram! More and more businesses are shifting towards this direction. Gradient logos look modern, sleek and ultimately make us believe the brand is well socially engaged. Social engagement continues to be a trend in the overall digital marketing.

Asana logo design

Prada logo design

mixed style logo design

mastercard logo design


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