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Everyone Can Run a Business - the Biggest Lie You Were Told

We live in a time where being your own boss is the philosophy of most people. Freedom above everything! I myself share this philosophy full-heartedly. But there's so much more to running a business than just making up your own rules and doing things when you feel like doing them. In fact, that's 5% of what it is like to live an entrepreneurial life. And if you believe everyone can run a business, I'm afraid, that's the biggest lie you were told.

Some people are just not cut out for it

There are two types of people in the world - those who do business and those who work for a business. And it's perfectly fine this way! Otherwise, neither group would be able to survive. The problem comes when you try to make a fish fly and put it in a competition with an eagle. Silly isn't it? You get exactly the same type of disaster when you try to make a business person work for someone and an individual with a worker's mentality run a business. Let's explore the main differences between these two types of people.

Measuring Success

People who are good at creating, managing and growing a business measure success in more than one dimension. Of course, money is a huge factor, but certainly not the only one. Business people see success as recognition, profitability, impact and connections. They understand that growth is achieved through strategic investment.

People with worker mentality measure their success by the size of their paycheck and the things they can afford. Perhaps a holiday twice a year, expensive car, big house, trendy clothes, etc. Their position in the community, the impact they leave outside of work doesn't concern them as much.

Importance of Security

City workers love the security their high-paying job provides. It's standard 7 to 8 hours of work a day, occasional travel with all expenses paid, a month worth of holiday, what else could you ask for? Take that question to a business-minded person and they will give you more answers you could ever imagine.

There's no security in starting and establishing a business. There are no holidays for the first one or two years, no 8-hour working pattern, no regular paycheck at the end of the month. But there is the fulfillment of creating something of your own, solving problems for others, answering needs that were previously unanswered and choosing to do it all in your own way. Business-minded people are ready to take risks. They are not clinging to comfort and security.

Misconceptions about Freedom

We all see successful men and women, who have built their businesses and are now taking the stage to inspire others to the same. The problem is most of the people who preach and those who listen get only part of the message.

Success doesn't happen overnight.

That lovely lady, who makes 6 figures every month and travels the world with her children didn't get there in a week or two. She also didn't get there in a year or matter what she says to you from the stage.

What she doesn't mention is the number of sleepless nights she had to spend developing her programme, gathering resources, improving her knowledge. She doesn't mention all the low-paid projects and jobs she took on to build her portfolio, to find the right contacts in order to move forward. She wasn't enjoying freedom. She was way busier that anyone working a 9-5 office job.

Running a business doesn't mean freedom from the onset. It simply means flexibility. Freedom comes much later, when you have put in the work and it has paid off.

Having no boss, means you can work from 12 to 8 rather than 9 to 5 and you can change your pattern at any time. But it also means that often times you will do a lot more than 8 hours a day and you will have a lot less time for your family, friends and yourself!

Misconceptions about Stress

"My job is so stressful! I can't wait to start something of my own!" Really? You think your job is stressful? But it pays for your bills, it gives you paid days off, it takes care of your pension and health contributions. You probably get a ton of other perks as well.

Now, imagine you were the one who had to provide all that for 100 other people. Ok, let's start small - provide all that for just yourself. Stressed yet?

If the thought of having to provide security for others is scaring you, that's probably a clear sign that you were not cut out to be a business owner.

Leadership Skills

Bosses don't make good business owners. Leaders do.

There's a massive difference between someone who wants to be a boss and someone who is born a leader.

The former is used to telling people what to do, has high expectations and low desire to provide support and help.

Leaders inspire people to do their job and stimulates them to develop their skills. They have high expectations, but also a high drive to provide support and help when needed.

Having an Idea is NOT Good Enough

Every single person, ever walked the earth, has had at least one brilliant idea in their lifetime that could have changed the world. A small portion of these people took the steps to make it happen. Only a few had what it takes to bring it to life and make it a successful venture.

Running a business requires motivation, decisiveness, confidence, resilience, mental agility, knowledge, desire to learn and improve, ability to lead people, networking skills and stable vision for the future. If it doesn't sound like you, it's probably not for you.

It's wrong to convince everyone that they can be a phenomenal entrepreneur, because it's just not true. Everyone can be successful if they put in the required effort, but it doesn't have to be through starting their own business.


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